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March 8th, 2013

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Trade Vantage Review | Find Out If Trade Vantage is Really Worth the Money

April 6th, 2012

Trade Vantage ReviewOn April 16th, Forex Traders Daily will be releasing their newest trading system called Trade Vantage. But What exactly is Trade Vantage?  Who is Trade Vantage really meant for? And will Trade Vantage be worth the investment?Read on in this Trade Vantage Review as we answer all these questions and more.

What is Trade Vantage?

Forex Traders Daily previously released the Straddle Trader Pro last year which was a big hit among forex traders in that it provided a solution for traders who wanted to take advantage of news trading spikes in the forex markets.  However, Trade Vantage will not only allow you to trade forex, but it will also work on equities or stocks.  This software system will analyze the previous trading day’s data on the forex pair of your choice (or the stock of your choice) and and from it’s analysis will recommend a Buy signal, Sell signal, a Hold signal, or possibly a No Trade signal. 

The Trade Vantage software system takes advantage of its Neural Network technology.  This technology allows the software to perform backtests in real time.  Based on the market history, it will apply its built in recommended trading decision models and it will show you what the results would have been based on those decisions if you had implemented the instructions.  This is how it comes up with the Buy, Sell, Hold ,or No Trade signals.  In addition to this, it will calculate, the lot size you should trade based on your account size as well as the entry, take profit and stop loss perameters of the trade if one is recommended by the software.  The only thing left for the trader to do is follow the instructions of the software.

You can test out this software at no cost for a limited time, CLICK HERE to download a trial version right now.

Who is Trade Vantage For?

The Trade Vantage software can be used by anyone.  It doesn’t matter if you are new to forex trading or a seasoned veteran trader.  With the training material provided, you can be up and running with the software within an hour.  As mentioned above, there really isn’t anything the user needs to do, other than install the software and pick which forex pairs or stocks you want to run an analysis on.  Once you are provided with a signal, all the user has to do is place the trade accordingly.  And Seeing that the software has a win percentage of 87%, you can have confidence in the trade signals that are provided by Trade Vantage.  Below is a screenshot of the software in action to give you a visual of what it looks like and how it works:

trade vantage


CLICK HERE To Claim Your Copy of Trade Vantage

Will Trade Vantage Be Worth the Investment?

The Trade Vantage Software will be released at the launch price of $1997.  Or there is a 3 pay option available which requires 3 payments of $823.  At $1997, there will be many traders lined up to give the software a try as thousands of traders have already had an opportunity to test drive the software prior to its release.  With an 87% win percentage, the investment could be recouped rather quickly.  Additionally, Forex Traders Daily provides 30 days to test out the software and offer a “No Questions Asked” refund policy within the first 30 days.  So traders will be free to take it for a test run and try it out with no risk for the first 30 days.  If for any reason they don’t like it or find it’s just not for them, they can get 100% of their money back.

CLICK HERE to Claim Your Copy of The Trade Vantage Software

Cloud Control Trader Review | Is The Cloud Control Trader Worth the Money?

March 24th, 2012

cloud control traderThe Cloud Control Trader will be released on April 3rd by the traders over at Forex Impact who previously released Forex Arbitrage, Delphi Scalper, and the Triad Trading Formula. But what type of trading system is Cloud Control? What kind of results could you expect from the Cloud Control Trader?  More importantly, how much will it cost and will it be worth the investment?  Find out here as we take a deeper look into this new trading system and answer all of these questions in this Cloud Control Trader Review.

What Type of Trading System is the Cloud Control Trader?

While most of the trading systems that the traders from Forex Impact release relate to forex trading, the Cloud Control Trader can be used in stocks, futures, bonds, commodities, ETFs, and forex trading (basically anything that uses charting software).  So you have the flexibility to use this system no matter what market you are in.  Additionally, Forex Impact normally creates their own trading systems, however, the Cloud Control Trader is actually a Large Bank’s Main Trading Strategy that was shared/leaked to one of the traders at Forex Impact by one the former Billion Dollar Hedge Fund managers at the bank.  Normally they do not pair up with outside traders to release their system, but after seeing the accuracy of the system, they couldn’t hold back.

Cloud Conrol, as Jason Fielder from Forex Impact has coined the system, is surprisingly a simple system.  It uses 5 indicators that are commonly found in any charting software, however, the real genius in this system is the process at which you use these indicators and the targets you need to reach before a trade setup has been determined.  With this being said, you will be able to use the Cloud Control system when trading stocks, futures, forex or anything else for that matter to identify highly accurate trade setups.  This can also be used on any time frame too.  

In fact, Jason Fielder just released a specail report which reveals the fist component of the Cloud Control Trader.  It shows you how just 5 proven indicators that are available in almost every charting software can be used together to formulate highly targeted trade setups.  Additionally, he has released a video to show all 5 indicators working together and shows you the entry and exit points of trade setups.  To Get This Breaking Report and see the video, CLICK HERE.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect From the Cloud Control Trader?

The Cloud Control Trading System is used by one of world’s largest and most successful banks in todays market.  The former trader of the bank that leaked this system to Jason Fielder was actually replaced by 2 novice traders because the bank new the system they used could be taught to anyone and traded by anyone, so they let him go and replaced him with 2 new traders who only made half as much as he did.   Hence, how Cloud Control Trader got into Jason’s hands.

With this being said, the Cloud Control Trader system has rules that need to be followed in order to make it successful.  You can’t just slap the 5 indicators on a chart and expect to make money.  For each indicator, their must be targets that are met before a targeted trade setup can be identified. With the Cloud Control Trader, you will be looking for 2:1 ratios.  Meaning, if the trade setup shows a 60 PIP stop loss target (forex setup) for your setup, then you will be looking for a take profit target of 120 PIPS or higher.  So you will always be looking to make twice as much as you risk on any trade.

The Cloud Control Trader will be released as a Training System.  It will contain full documentation and video on what settings to set each indicator at and what rules must be met in order to enter a trade.  From Jason’s research he has added some tweaked settings to the training that have further enhanced the results of the system.  The training has been setup in a manner that even new traders can start using the system and be up and running within the very same day.  So it won’t matter what your experience level in trading is, anyone can use this system to help them identify profitable trades.

Jason just released a video demonstrating how the system looks on the charts and the general rules behind the Cloud Control Trader.  You can watch this video to give you a better idea of what the system looks like and what you will be getting with the training system. 

CLICK HERE to Watch the Cloud Control Video

Will the Cloud Conrol Trader Be Worth the Investment?

Unlike other forex releases you may see happening every other week, Forex Impact only has about 1 or 2 releases per year, and they are not your $97 forex trading robots.  They create their own systems and they are high end systems that usually sell anywhere from $997 to upwards of $1997. 

Additionally, they do not leave their products on the market for an unlimited amount of time. They limit the number of copies sold and only sell them during a certain time period so they can be staffed for the support they need to provide to their customers.  Based on this, the Cloud Control Trader will be released at the upper range of $1997.  Depending on how the system functions and what type of profits have been obtained in past performance will really depend if the Cloud Control Trader will be worth the investment or not. 

CLICK HERE to Go To The Cloud Control Trader Website

Forex Arbitrage Review | Can Anyone Profit From Forex Arbitrage?

November 26th, 2011

forex arbitrageForex Arbitrage will be released by Jason Fielder and the Forex Impact Team today on December 5th.  But what exactly is Forex Arbitrage?  Is it a trading system, is it software, or is it an expert advisor?  More importantly, can anyone use Forex Arbitrage to make profits from their forex trading?  Find the answers to all of these questions including the launch price in this Forex Arbitrage Review.

What is Forex Arbitrage?

Forex Arbitrage is the theory that you can profit by placing trades at two different forex brokers due to price discrepencies.  The reason for this is that each broker has their own platform and their own price feeds.  No two brokers usually have the same prices and spreads at any given time.  However, While the theory holds true, no one has been able to pull off a system that can actually take advantage of it in order to profit consistently and make enough from this type of trading to make it worthwhile. 

On the other hand, Jason Fielder along with Anthony Trister and his team at Forex Impact believe they have created the perfect system to take advantage of this exact opportunity that has been there for years.  They have created a special forex software that will allow traders to place nearly 100% profitable trades and it’s called Forex Arbitrage, or Forex Arb. 

 The idea behind the software is that you don’t profit when you close the trades, but you profit when you actually place them.  Simple alerts will pop up in the Forex Arbitrage software and will tell you that a profitable Forex Arb opportunity has been found and it will tell you how many pips you will make if you place the trade.  All the user is left to do is click on the “Enter Trade” button in the software and the program will enter the necessary trades.   Click on the Video below to see how Forex Arbs occur and how the Forex Arbitrage system spots these opportunities and allows you to profit.

Forex Arbitrage Software

What Can you Expect From Forex Arbitrage?

While the idea of Forex Arbitrage is nothing new to forex, the concept of an automated system that can spot these forex arb opportunities across multiple pairs and across several different brokers is one of kind.  Some have created their own expert advisors to capitilize on this, but usually its only for 1 forex pair and can only handle 2 broker platforms.  With the Forex Arbitrage Software, you get forex arbs on all the currency pairs each broker has and you can have up to 5 brokers price feeds compared within the system.

With that being said if you set up the software with 5 brokers, you will have more forex arb opportunities than you can even handle.  Now you may have some trades that pull in greater than 10 PIPS , but on average you should only expect about 4-5 pips per trade.  This may seem small, but you have to remember these are as close to guaranteed profits as it comes.  Additionally, you can see as many as 100 trades per day. 

CLICK HERE to Download A Free Limited Demo Version of Forex Arbitrage

How Much Will Forex Arbitrage Cost?

Judging from past releases from Forex Impact, they have never been ones to release cheap forex robots, guides, or software.  They usually come out with only 1 or 2 new products in a span of a year and all their products have been on the high end.  High End meaning great quality, but also a higher price tag.  With this being said, we can expect a release price of around $1997 to upwards of $2997.  This will seem high to some forex traders who are new to trading, but I can assure you that Jason Fielder and his team at Forex Impact always put out quality products that are well worth the price. 

CLICK HERE to Claim Your Forex Arbitrage Software

I think the best part about their products (and also you will see from testimonials) is that their products are actionable.  Meaning, you can put them to use in the same day you get your hands on the product.  They don’t put out a guide on how to trade based on “theories” and sell it for thousands of dollars like some other guides on the internet.  They do their own research.  They develop their own systems.  They write their own guides.  And lastly, they produce actionable systems that are usually paired with software to make trading the system even that much easier.

Bottom line, Jason Fielder will show how traders can profit from Forex Arbitrage and how the Forex Arbitrage software they have developed will allow any trader to profit from arbitrage opportunities.  However, he will only be releasing a limited quantity of licenses starting on December 5th.  To Ensure you get one of these licenses, simply CLICK HERE to reserve your copy now.  Or, if you are not ready to jump into the world of arb trading, you can sign up to our newsletter below where we will be sending out results of our forex arb trading to the mailing list so you can track our progress on a live account.

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Part Time Gold Trader Review | Is Part Time Gold Trader Worth the Money?

November 9th, 2011

part time gold traderJust recently the Wealth Insider Alliance Group unveiled their newest product called the Part Time Gold Trader. The Part Time Gold Trader was created by Mike Ser and one of his most successful students, Andy Man. They have teamed up with Wealth Insider Alliance to launch their product globally. But what exactly is Part Time Gold Trader? Can anyone trade using this system? What kind of results can you expect from using the Part Time Gold Trader system? More importantly, will the Part Time Gold Trader system be worth your time and investment? Find the answers to all of these questions and more in this Part Time Gold Trader Review.

What is the Part Time Gold Trader?

The Part Time Gold Trader is a trading system that focuses on trading not only Gold but Silver as well. The system uses Technical Analysis to enter and exit trades accordingly, but uses Fundamental Analysis to predict the future price movements of gold and silver.

The trading system was originally created by Mike Ser, however, one of his most successful students, Andy Man will be the focus of this system as he has been using the Part Time Gold Trader system profitably for over 3 years now. Additionaly, when Andy started, he did not have any financial or trading background to speak of. So even if you have never traded gold or silver before, anyone will be able to use the system to profit from Gold and Silver trading by simply following Andy and Mike Ser, regardless of their background.

You will be taught how to do technical and fundamental analysis (via webinars and video training) as they do but more importantly, you will be hand delivered the exact trades that they are making in the markets. So if they are profiting, you will be too. Members will have their own members area with video trading, market analysis, open trades/past trades, and webinar recordings.

What Results Can You Expect With the Part Time Gold Trader?

In other trading programs, you can usually expect that a lot of people will have a lot of different results. However, this is not true with the Part Time Gold Trader Program. Andy, who is one of Mike Ser’s most successful traders, is actually a full time civil engineer (day job) who only trades gold/silver after he get’s home from work. He consistently starts with small accounts, builds them up, and then takes the profits and invests them in real estate.

With his most recent account, he started with just a $1,700 deposit. In 5 short months, he turned that $1,500 into $1.5 Million! More importantly, these results have been verified by the Wealth Insider Alliance group who hired an independent CPA to get Andy’s broker statements, contact Andy’s broker for validation, and verify that all profits and trades were accurate.

CLICK HERE to See Andy’s Video Showing You the Trading Strategy and Statements

But as I mentioned, Andy is not the only one making profits from the Part Time Gold Trader program as everyone in the program has the opportunity to place the exact trades he places.

  • One 19 Year old actually borrowed $1,600 to trade with using these strategies and became a millionaire by the time he was 26.
  • Another 52 year old quit his day job as a contractor making $50,000 a year, as he took his $11,000 trading account and turned it into over $1 Million.
  • And yet another trader started with $15,000 and in just 12 months, turned it into $15 Million using these strategies.

How Much Will the Part Time Gold Trader System Cost?

The Part Time Gold Trader will be released at just $1,997. For the first 250 members, they will enjoy the low annual membership price of $1,997. However, after the 250 memberships are taken, the program will not close, but the price will be raised much higher for those who wait to join. After the first 250 are taken, then you will have 2 options. The first is a annual membership payment of $4,997. The second is a quarterly membership payment plan of $1,997 per quarter.

CLICK HERE to Join the Part Time Gold Trader

This may seem high to some traders, but let me remind you that with this program, you are never left alone. You will have live support chat and email support. You will have recurring webinars. And most importantly, even if you do not want to actually learn how to do the technical and fundamental analysis on your own or don’t quite understand it yet, then you will always be fall back on the exact trades that Andy and Mike Ser are making as these are provided to the members.  Additionally, this is all backed up by Wealth Insider Alliance’s 90 day money back guarantee.  If for whatever reason you find the program is not for you, you can simply request a refund, with no questions asked.  So you have 90 days to test drive the Part Time Gold Trader program.

On top of all of this, the Part Time Gold Trader Program isn’t a system that requires you to be in front of your computer 24/7 or even monitoring the market for hours a day. Members can use the Part Time Gold Trader in their spare time just like many successful students have done in the past, including Andy.

CLICK HERE For Instant Access to the Part Time Gold Trader

Home Run Gold Trader Review | Is Home Run Gold Trader Program Worth the Money?

November 8th, 2011

gold home run traderGold Home Run Trader has been renamed to Part Time Gold Trader. Please see our full review, including results you can expect, price of membership, and the money back guarantee at our Part Time Gold Trader Review post.

Keltner Bells Review | Will The Keltner Bells System Work for You?

September 28th, 2011

keltner bellsBeginning October 1st, Mark Soberman from Netpicks will begin pulling back the curtain to his new forex trading system called Keltner Bells.  But what type of system is Keltner Bells?  Is it only for experienced forex traders or can anyone use it?  What type of results can be expected from the Keltner Bells System?  And lastly, how much will Keltner Bells cost?  Get the answers to all of these questions as we take a deeper look into Mark Soberman’s new trading system in this Keltner Bells Review.

What is Keltner Bells?

Keltner Bells is a swing trading forex system that uses renko bars instead of your ordinary forex bar charts.  Renko bars show up on the chart only when a pre-set number of pips has been reached (not after a set amount of time), so your charts look like building blocks instead of overlapping ranging bars.  Additionally, Keltner Channels are used to help you visualize when the swing trade is beginning to setup.

These features added to the entry signals, stop loss signals, and take profit signals that are automatically added to the chart make it very easy to see where you will enter the trade.  It also leaves nothing to chance as it shows you where to put your stop loss target and your take profit target before even entering the trade.  You can literally setup the trade and walk away.  Let’s take a look at an example trade setup below.

keltner bells system
Click on Image to See Full Size

As you can see, the entry signal is illustrated in the picture above by the blue star.  Your take profit target is the blue dot above this point and your stop loss is the blue dot below this pint.  So in this example, you can setup the pending order to take you in once the price reaches your entry point.  You can also set your stop loss and take profit in the pending order and you can leave it on autopilot to let the trade run its course.

What Type of Results Can you Expect From Using Keltner Bells?

Mark Soberman and Netpicks are not ones for hype and therefore you won’t see any dollar figures as to what type fo profits they have made from using the sytsem.  They believe in complete transparency and they will be showing everyone exactly what the sytsem is, how it works, and how anyone can use the system, no matter what experience level you are at(even if you’ve never traded forex).

Let’s take a look at another trade using the Keltner Bells system.  In this example, we will show you a trade that went all the way through to profit.  As you can see, there was a total of 7 blocks of profit.  So what does 7 blocks equate to?  Well, in this example, each block represents 15 pips.  So that’s a total of 105 pips.

keltner bells review
Click on Image to See Full Size

Now, not all trades are profitable and Mark will tell you this as well.  Anyone who tells you that a forex system has 100% win rate is lying.  Just like any other system, Keltner Bells will have some losing trades.  But it’s really a matter of how you handle the losing trades and your risk management.  Keltner Bells is designed to handle this for you as well.  With it’s built in stop loss targets, on the picture below, you will see an example of a trade that didn’t come out profitable.  But take notice, that it only lost 4 blocks.  Since each block equates to 15 pips, in this example you only lost 60 pips.  So even if you only had a 50% winning ratio with this system, you would still be gaining 3 blocks for each 2 trades placed.  That comes to a 45 pip gain (3 blocks X 15 pips for each bloc = 45 pips).

forex swing trading system
Click on Image to See Full Size

For a limited time, you can get Mark Soberman’s Charting Software for free, just CLICK HERE.

How Much Will the Keltner Bells System Cost?

The Keltner Bells System will be released for just $497.  This may seem on the high side for some beginners, but I can tell you that many courses, indicators, and expert advisors sell for more than this (ranging from $997 to $1997), but don’t offer half as much.

CLICK HERE To Claim Your Keltner Bells System

With the Keltner Bells system, you have a clearly defined set of rules as nothing is left up for interpretation, which is great for beginners (and even experienced traders as they can simply add this to their trading plans).  You have a designated entry price, stop loss, and take profit point.  Additionally, you have the risk reward ratio and money management built into the system automatically.  So at $497, the Keltner Bells system is actually on the low end for comparable products on the market today.

CLICK HERE To Secure Your Keltner Bells System

BioTech Breakout Trader Review – What’s All Included?

September 9th, 2011

biotech breakout traderBioTech Breakout Trader will be opening its doors to the public on September 15th.  This new program being released by Wealth Insider Alliance and Mark Messier focuses on trading breakout biotech stocks.  But what will you all be getting with your membership to Biotech Breakout Trader?  What kind of results can you realistically expect?  More importantly, how much will the membership to Biotech Breakout Trader cost and will it be worth it?  Read on further to find the answer to all of these questions as we take a deeper look into Mark Messier’s program in our BioTech Breakout Trader Review.

What is The BioTech Breakout Trader?

Mark Messier, who is a veteran biotech trader is about to open up his new trading membership which will teach how he strategically picks biotech breakout stocks.  With the BioTech Breakout Trader, you will learn these strategies via live webinars, a hard copy DVD set, and other video training.  But you will also receive his weekly newsletters, valuation reports, and have access to the technical analysis center.

However, the most important part of Mark’s membership is the text and email trade alerts.  For those how don’t have time to learn all the strategies right away or for those who simply don’t want to learn them, but want to take advantage of Mark’s expertise, you will be getting alerts every time Mark identifies a biotech stock that is about to breakout.  So you’ll be able to place the exact same trades that Mark Messier is placing including entry price, exit price, and stop loss price.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect From the BioTech Breakout Trader?

Mark Messier is not a one hit wonder when it comes to trading biotech stocks.  Over the past 3 years he has been perfecting his trading strategy of these small cap stocks and has made over a 12,686% return on investment.  Mark started with close to $2,300 as his starting capital just 2 and half years ago and now his trading account has surpassed the $288,000 mark.  So the good thing is that his strategies can be used by all types of investors, even if you don’t have a lot of starting capital to invest with and you can realistically expect to multiply your investment over and over again within a few years.  More importantly, he has consistently been able to identify profitable biotech stocks that are on their way up.

CLICK HERE to Join the BioTech Breakout Trader

Amazingly enough, his strategies don’t even depend on FDA approvals for these small biotech companies. A lot of investors and traders rely too heavily on this aspect when choosing biotech stocks to invest in and this is eventually their downfall.  However, with the BioTech Breakout Trader, Mark simply focuses on the solid facts and statistics when it comes to picking winning biotech stocks.  His proven formula has worked for over two years now and there is no indication it will slow down in the years to come.

How Much Will the BioTech Breakout Trader Cost?

The BioTech Breakout Trader will be released at the introductory price of $1,997.  Some traders may think this is a lot, but when you compare this advisory service over other courses that simply teach you some theories that cost 2 times as much, you will see that this program is well worth the price.  You will not only be taught how to invest in up and coming biotech companies, but you’ll also be provided Mark’s own stock picks while you are learning.  And from his track record over the past few years, you can see that this will provide a boost to your portfolio almost immediately and in the months and years to come just from his picks alone. 

CLICK HERE To Join the BioTech Breakout Trader Program

Now, if you are hestitant or just can’t afford to invest in Mark’s program right now, why not sign up to our newsletter below.  We will send out periodic updates on the picks and our results we are seeing from them to our email list.  Simply fill out your name and email address below to get signed up.

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BioRunUp Review – Is Trading Biotech Stocks the Way to Go?

September 1st, 2011

biorunupOn September 15th 2011, the Wealth Insider Alliance group will be opening its doors to their newest membership called the BioRunUp Program, now know as the BioTech Breakout Trader.  This membership will be lead by successful veteran trader Mark Messier, who specializes in researching and buying small cap biotech stocks that are on the rise.  But what will you exactly get with a membership to BioRunUp? What kind of returns could you expect from the program?  And how much will it cost to join the BioRunUp Program when it’s opened?  We’ll take a look at all these aspects of the BioRunUp program so you can decide for yourself if joining this new membership will be worth your time and investment.

What Will You Get With BioRunUp?

BioRunUp is a membership program where you will learn how to research, rate, analyze, and choose the best biotech stocks that are ready to take off.  You will get weekly newsletters, be able to attend live webinars, have access to the video library, the technical analysis center, and the valuation reports. 

However, all of this is to help you become an independent trader in the biotech sector.  So what if you don’t have the time to learn everything in the BioRunUp program?  Well, you’re in luck because not only does Mark Messier teach you how to trade biotech stocks, he also provides you his biotech stock picks.  That’s right, he does the research, he shows you what he found from his research, and why he chose to invest in the company and also tells you what the profit target he will be looking at from his investment.  By doing this, you will not only be learning as you go, but you’ll also be able to place the same trades as Mark Messier.

What Kind of Returns Should You Expect From the BioRunUp Stock Picks?

In BioRunUp, Mark will be providing you with training via webinars and videos, and more importantly, be giving you his own biotech stock picks which have had great success over the past 2 and half years.  He started with only $2,265 in 2009 and with a total return of 12,687% over the past 2.5 years has a portfolio worth over $289,635.  So contrary to other memberships, you don’t need a lot of money to get started.  With a minimal start up capital, it can quickly and realistically multiply itself over and over during the next year or 2.

With a proven method, Mark Messier of BioRunUp doesn’t rely on FDA approvals for these small cap biotech companies.  Most investors rely too heavily on this and when it’s not approved, well, there goes your investment.  However, this is not the case with the BioRunUp picks.  It actually doesn’t make a difference with his method.  The only thing he relies on is the hard facts and statistics and this has proven to be a winning formula for the past two and half years.

CLICK HERE To Join the BioRunUp (BioTech Breakout Trader) Program

How Much Will the BioRunUp Program Cost?

BioRunUp (or BioTech Breakout Trader as it is now named) will cost $1,997 to join.  This may seem like a lot of money to some investors, but the main focus here is to make money on your investments, not lose money.  And from Mark Messier’s track record, you can be assured that you will be investing in a solid program that will do just that. 

CLICK HERE To Join BioRunUp (BioTech Breakout Trader) Program

If you are not quite ready to invest in Mark Messier’s advisory service, you can sign up to our newsletter below.  We will be sending out updates to our mailing list on recent picks and results from the service that we are currently getting.  Simply fill out your name and email in the form below to get instant updates. 

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Cash Flow Trader Review | Is Cash Flow Trader Program Worth the Investment?

August 16th, 2011

Cash Flow TraderThe Cash Flow Trader Program is scheduled to open its doors to the public on August 23rd at 12 PM EST. But What exactly is the Cash Flow Trader Program and what’s all included in it? What kind of results could you realistically expect from joining this program? More importantly, what kind of investment will you need to make in order to join the Cash Flow Trader and will it be worth it? Find out the answers to all of these questions in this Cash Flow Trader Review.

What is the Cash Flow Trader Program?

The Cash Flow Trader Program is a mentorship program that was created by Chuck Hughes. So who is Chuck Hughes you may be asking? He is a professional trader who has made over $5.7 million in gross option premium income over the past 3 years alone. In his Cash Flow Trader Program he reveals his strategies which he has used to quickly and methodically pull profits out of one of the worst markets in over 80 years. He shows you his Stock Strategies, options strategies, buy write options strategies, stock income strategies, and his options spread strategies. He shows you these strategies in video format as well as in a written guide format for easy reference.

However, Chuck does not only shows you his Cash Flow Trader strategies, but he provides you with the actual trades he is making every single day. So essentially, you will not only be taught how to fish on your own, but you will handed your dinner while you learn. You’ll get his daily trading signals which will tell you exactly what to buy and at what price. He will also let you know when it’s time to get out of a trade. So you’ll be getting the best of both worlds.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect From the Cash Flow Trader Program?

There is no doubt Chuck Hughes knows what he is doing and can help any trader achieve financial success with the Cash Flow Trader Program as his trading profits speak for themself. Just take a look at a few of these staggering statistics from some of the worst financial markets we have seen in decades:

  • He took a $4,600 account and turned it into $460,000+ in just 2 years
  • He made $1.2 million in profits during the tech wreck of 2000
  • He made $635,000 in gains while the market whipsawed up and down from 2002-2003
  • He made $1.2 Million in profits in just 26 days in 2007
  • He made $473,300 in gains while the Credit Crisis tore the market apart in 2008
  • He has made over $4.4 Million over the last 4 years alone, which comes to $88,000 in profits per month

Just this year alone:

  • In January made over $107,000 in profits
  • In February made over $20,000 in profits
  • In March made over $40,000 in profits
  • In April made over$45,000 in profits
  • In May made over $26,000 in profits

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With this being said and seeing that you will be receiving the exact trades that Chuck is placing on a daily basis, even if you only placed some of the trades, you would still be pulling in some handsome profits. So even if you’re a novice trader or a veteran trader, anyone can profit from using Chuck Hughes’ strategies and/or trade signals.

How Much Will the Cash Flow Trader Cost?

Unfortunately, there is one down side to the Cash Flow Trader, and that is the Cost. If you are a novice and don’t have that much starting capital, then this program may not be for you. The minimum amount suggested to start with this program is $10,000 starting capital. However, you can start out with less, you may just not be able to place all the trades that Chuck places.

But the actual price of the Cash Flow Trader Program will start at $2,000. This amount is on a per quarter basis. So if you choose this option, you will be paying $8,000 for the entire year to join the Cash Flow Trader program. However, there is also a yearly option which will only cost $5,000. So if you choose the yearly option, then you would save $3,000 over the course of the year. Additionally, there is a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.  You can try the Cash Flow Trader for 90 full days and if you don’t like it for any reason, you can get a full refund.

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As I mentioned before, for those who have a small starting budget, this program may not be for you. But if you are a serious trader and trade either full time for a living or manage your own portfolio, then this course may be right up your alley. One of the best things about this program is you can simply use it for the signals if you can’t afford to dedicate multiple hours per day learning the strategies and finding your own trades. It would be well worth the investment as you’ll be pulling in consistent profits from your portfolio rather than it consistently shrinking in size as most stagnant portfolios have done over the last 3 years.

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