Forex Monster Review – Forex Monster Advanced Robot Technology

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So far this year, many forex traders have released new forex robots that have seriously flopped due to the fact that risk management was not properly factored into the trades that the robots were making.  It seems that even though these so called "expert traders" were creating the "next best" forex trading robot, they completely left out proper stop/loss rules and thus wiping out forex trading accounts with just 1 bad trade.  If this has happened to you in the past or you have heard about these types of robots, you may be pleasantly surprised at a new forex trading robot that is about to be released on July 7th called the Forex Monster.  In this Forex Monster review, we will discuss why this trading robot is different from any other that has been released.

The Forex Monster addresses almost all the issues that forex traders have in 2009.  It even provides rock solid proof of income with its dual test results; With just 7 trades, it turned an account of $10,000 into $59,000 all on autopilot.

Some common issues that forex traders face and that the Forex Monster will handle for you is as follows:

1.) The Forex Monster is designed for the small traders, with capital as low as $100

2.) Since its automated, it will only take up about 10 minutes of your time per week.  No prior forex experience is needed and no work is needed on your part

3.) Unlike other forex robots, you’ll never have your account wiped out by one single trader (we’ll look at this further in a moment*)

4.) The Forex Monster has taken over 7 years to develop and was built from over 3,000 forex traders feedback….not some computer developer or forex guru.

5.) This robot thrives on volatility, which is great for 2009.  With its advanced robot technology and up to date strategies,

this robot was built to deal with and take advantage of the current swaying market conditions.

6.) It amazing identifies and capitalizes on the meat of the trend with astonishing accuracy.

To sum it up, this Forex Monster is a foolproof and hands free way of profitably trading forex that anyone can use.  Even if you have never traded forex before, but want to get started and don’t know where to start or if you have already purchased a forex system but are still flipping through all the pages and trying to understand the jargon and/or charts.  In addition, you will not need to sit in front of your computer all day staring at charts.

This forex robot breaks away from all traditional robot tradig in that this is not a scalping system.  It does not make tons of trades hoping to profit small from each trade and risk too much capital just to make a small profit.  This Forex Monster employs risk management in its trade decisions.  It cancels trades before they are even made if it notices something that may impact the trade and then waits for a better opportunity.  It also places proper and smaller stop/loss values to ensure you don’t lose your shirt on one bad trade unlike other forex robots out there.  And lastly, you can expect about 5-8 trades per month from this robot because remember, this is not a scalping robot.  It has precise and exact perameters that must be met in order for it to find the perfect and profitable trade.  It is very selective in its trades which is part of its risk management rules.

This robot is a simple EA, or expert advisor that can be installed on the MetaTrader4 platform in as little as 10 minutes.  If you have never installed one, don’t worry as the Forex Monster comes with instructions how to get started.  Or you can contact their support if you need further instructions. 

Simply put, this revolutionary system is optimal for any new forex trader looking to enter the forex markets or for those traders who have wasted their time with other forex robots or systems.  This robot is totally unique and unlike any other system or robot you have used in the past. 

Forex Monster Bonus

Forex Monster will be released on July 7th 3PM EST at just $67 as a special launch price (and will be going up to who knows what once the launch special is over).  Compared to other Forex Robots that sell for $97 or even $197, this price is ridiculously low and underpriced.  And in staying true to my subscribers, I am offering a special bonus for my valued subscribers worth $497.  All you need to do, is sign up to the free Forex Monster Newsletter below to get the details of this free bonus and how to claim it.  Simply fill out the short form below.

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  3. I have been reproducing some startling results while running ‘paper trades’ using The Forex Monster. This is vital for a beginner to get started as you can’t run a bot without a stop loss, you would rarely do it in real life and if you did you would put match-sticks on your eyelids and glue yourself to the screen. This is probably the biggest plus that this program has over other EA bots launched this year. A seasoned trader would probably include their own stop loss, but this may not occur to a new trader.

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