Keltner Bells Review | Will The Keltner Bells System Work for You?

keltner bellsBeginning October 1st, Mark Soberman from Netpicks will begin pulling back the curtain to his new forex trading system called Keltner Bells.  But what type of system is Keltner Bells?  Is it only for experienced forex traders or can anyone use it?  What type of results can be expected from the Keltner Bells System?  And lastly, how much will Keltner Bells cost?  Get the answers to all of these questions as we take a deeper look into Mark Soberman’s new trading system in this Keltner Bells Review.

What is Keltner Bells?

Keltner Bells is a swing trading forex system that uses renko bars instead of your ordinary forex bar charts.  Renko bars show up on the chart only when a pre-set number of pips has been reached (not after a set amount of time), so your charts look like building blocks instead of overlapping ranging bars.  Additionally, Keltner Channels are used to help you visualize when the swing trade is beginning to setup.

These features added to the entry signals, stop loss signals, and take profit signals that are automatically added to the chart make it very easy to see where you will enter the trade.  It also leaves nothing to chance as it shows you where to put your stop loss target and your take profit target before even entering the trade.  You can literally setup the trade and walk away.  Let’s take a look at an example trade setup below.

keltner bells system
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As you can see, the entry signal is illustrated in the picture above by the blue star.  Your take profit target is the blue dot above this point and your stop loss is the blue dot below this pint.  So in this example, you can setup the pending order to take you in once the price reaches your entry point.  You can also set your stop loss and take profit in the pending order and you can leave it on autopilot to let the trade run its course.

What Type of Results Can you Expect From Using Keltner Bells?

Mark Soberman and Netpicks are not ones for hype and therefore you won’t see any dollar figures as to what type fo profits they have made from using the sytsem.  They believe in complete transparency and they will be showing everyone exactly what the sytsem is, how it works, and how anyone can use the system, no matter what experience level you are at(even if you’ve never traded forex).

Let’s take a look at another trade using the Keltner Bells system.  In this example, we will show you a trade that went all the way through to profit.  As you can see, there was a total of 7 blocks of profit.  So what does 7 blocks equate to?  Well, in this example, each block represents 15 pips.  So that’s a total of 105 pips.

keltner bells review
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Now, not all trades are profitable and Mark will tell you this as well.  Anyone who tells you that a forex system has 100% win rate is lying.  Just like any other system, Keltner Bells will have some losing trades.  But it’s really a matter of how you handle the losing trades and your risk management.  Keltner Bells is designed to handle this for you as well.  With it’s built in stop loss targets, on the picture below, you will see an example of a trade that didn’t come out profitable.  But take notice, that it only lost 4 blocks.  Since each block equates to 15 pips, in this example you only lost 60 pips.  So even if you only had a 50% winning ratio with this system, you would still be gaining 3 blocks for each 2 trades placed.  That comes to a 45 pip gain (3 blocks X 15 pips for each bloc = 45 pips).

forex swing trading system
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How Much Will the Keltner Bells System Cost?

The Keltner Bells System will be released for just $497.  This may seem on the high side for some beginners, but I can tell you that many courses, indicators, and expert advisors sell for more than this (ranging from $997 to $1997), but don’t offer half as much.

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With the Keltner Bells system, you have a clearly defined set of rules as nothing is left up for interpretation, which is great for beginners (and even experienced traders as they can simply add this to their trading plans).  You have a designated entry price, stop loss, and take profit point.  Additionally, you have the risk reward ratio and money management built into the system automatically.  So at $497, the Keltner Bells system is actually on the low end for comparable products on the market today.

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