Macro Millionaire Review | Is Macro Millionaire Coaching Program Worth the Money?

macro millionaireThe Macro Millionaire Coaching Program was created and is led by John Thomas, who is a 40 year trading veteran and currently runs one of the top hedge funds in the world. But What Exactly is the Macro Millionaire Coaching Program? What kind of results can you expect from this program? And more importantly, will the Macro Millionaire program be worth the investment? Find out as we dive deeper into this new coaching program in this Macro Millioniare Review.

What is the Macro Millionaire Coaching Program?

The Macro Millionaire Coaching Program is a mixture of mentoring, teaching, and giving.  Within the coaching program itself, John Thomas will be holding regularaly scheduled webinars where he will discuss strategy, opportunities, and the markets. Also during these webinars, there will be a Question & Answer period for you to pick John Thomas’s brain.
This was the part of mentoring and teaching.

However, there is also the giving aspect, which also provides teaching in the same manner. When you join the Macro Millionaire Coaching Program, you will get the following:

  • John Thomas’s active trading portfolio with specific buy, sell, and stop loss instructions.
  • You will get email trade alerts sent directly to your inbox whenever John makes a move – with all the details you need to execute the trade. Plus, a concise explanation of what he is trading and why.
  • You will get his model portfolio – including his complete watchlist of assets to buy on dips, sell into rallies, and to prepare to short.
  • You’ll know more about what’s going on in the global economy than most full time traders through his daily global market commentary.

With this program, it will be like your trading side by side with John Thomas. 99% of the trades you make with John, will be the same as he’s making in his hedge fund.

What Kind of Results Can you Expect from the Macro Millionaire Program?

Just to give you an idea of the results you can expect, in the past few months alone, John has recommended 49 trades through the Macro Millionaire program and 48 of them have been winners. Additionally, below are just some of the trades and gains that people have seen from this program:

SLV options play up 45%

LYC up 81%

GWG up 67%

FXA up 12%

EWA up 22%

CCJ up 5%

AVL up 46%

Also, if you are worried about timing your trades, don’t be. John will let you know exactly when to enter and when to exit any of the trades he recommends. This is also something he will teach on his webinars.

John has received numerous testimonials from students that range from novices to 30 year veterans who say this is the best program they have ever joined and they are already dropping their other programs.

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Is the Macro Millionaire Coaching Program Worth the Investment?

If you have ever looked for a trading course or coaching program, then you know they can run anywhere from $997 to upwards of $10,000 for some high end programs. And to give you some background on John’s hedge fund, may explain the reason for the price of this program.

Normally, to get into a hedge fund, you would need to have a minimum of $750,000 and $200,000 annual income (or $300K if your married). This is what you need to be considered an “accredited investor” and only those type of investors are allowed to get the absolute returns provided by hedge funds. However, with a top hedge fund like John Thomas’s, $750K wouldn’t even get you in. He normally requires $5 Million as a minimum investment and then would take 20% of any profits generated on that investment as his fee. So unless your already rich, you won’t have a chance at getting in.

But John Thomas didn’t like the idea of locking people who have a true passion for trading out of an opportunity like this. He wasn’t born with a silverspoon in his mouth and he know’s what its like trying to get the mentoring one needs to become a better investor. So here’s the deal: if you trade your money as a Do-It-Yourself investor or trader, then he can give you the trades he’s making and he’s willing to waive any minimum account balance.

You will be getting the benefits his wealthiest clients get with the added bonus that you will become a better trader. In fact, you’ll actually be getting a better deal. Since he places all his trades for his hedge fund clients and takes a 20% fee from the profits, you won’t have to give up any of your profits. You keep 100% of the profits and you get the experience and mentoring you need to finally succeed as an investor.

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So How Much will it cost to join? Alot of people assumed he would charge around $100K to $200K since he wouldn’t be getting his 20% fee on profits (and it would have sold out at this price), but he knew this would be too much for the average trader. He considered $20,000, but again decided against it due to the fact that he really wants people who have a true passion for investing to be able to afford to join. So he finally decided, on a one time fee of $1997 for an annual membership.

The catch is that he’s only going to accept 500 new students and more than 300,000 traders received an invitation to join the Macro Millionaire Coaching Program, so the spots will fill up quickly and may be sold out by the time you read this.

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John Thomas is also adding an additional bonus for anyone on the fence about joining his program. He’s adding in a 90 day money back guarantee, which is unheard of for a trading course or program of this caliber. Normally you only see a 30-60 day money back clause.

But John, doesn’t want anyone to be disappointed and he certainly isn’t out for anyone’s money as he makes more in his 20% fee than he would on the cost of your membership fee.  The only thing he asks is that you at least trade or paper trades the recommended trades he gives you to show that you at least tried the service before you request your money back.

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If you still aren’t ready to join, why not get a sample of some of John’s teaching ability and his knowledge before joining. Simply sign up to the Macro Millionaire Newsletter below and you’ll get a free video on “How to Play the Commodities Boom” and much more all for free from John Thomas himself.

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