Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software Review: Is It Worth The Investment?

Just like many other trading or investment schemes, Forex trading has its benefits and its cons. Due to the nature of the operations and trades, it is more common for beginners to lose money faster than what can be recovered with successful trades. The greatest downside of Forex is the fact that it is a place where experience matters and the problem is that to obtain such experience, you will most likely fail multiple times, losing money in the process.

Thankfully, there are some algorithms that work as trading alert software that enhances the possibility of making good trades thanks to the assistance of fully automated systems that aid the trader with many features. The next article will discuss and review one of the many Forex Trading Engines that exists to determine if it is worth the investment.


The reason why you might want to rely on the usage of this kind of software is for the simple fact that Forex is a difficult investment as the trading pairs often tend to change their behavior due to the current situation of the markets. This is what makes more than 95% of traders lose money, as there are lots of risks but also the possibility of making a good profit.

Forex might be described as something ruthless and impossible, but that is not necessarily true. Even when the great majority fails at their first attempts, there are people out there who have gained profit with Forex trading, some of them might be considered lucky, but others rely on their skills and experience.

Here is when Forex Trading Engine Software must be used. These tools exist with the single purpose of increasing the possibilities of making good money and helping the trader with the market by using some sort of algorithm to detect flows and good charts in the market. Now, it is time to determine the backstory of this software and reach a decision on whether it is worth your time and money.


The individual who created this software goes by the name of Bill Poulos, who is known for its multiple offerings and continuous effort on supporting thousands of students by guiding them on the Forex strategies and methods. Over his last 35 years of trading experience, he has developed dozens of methods and trading systems that are used in the Forex Income Engine.

Thanks to his acquired knowledge over the last years, Bill has used his multiple strategies and methods to compile and develop a tool that automates the complicated tasks of trading in these Forex markets, making the trader have a better life by creating the possibility of leaving the computer without having to worry about missing any trading setup or opportunity.


Looking for a highly-guarded secret is not what you should be doing, instead, focus all of your efforts on acquiring tools that can increase your chances of succeeding at trades. However, this investment scheme is well known for being an activity that consumes both time and resources. Sometimes, traders around the world have to stay for long hours on their computers or devices to see the market and wait until a trade setup appears out of nowhere.

The problem with this approach is the fact that you will gradually lose the possibility of spending quality time with your family members or friends, and even worse, you could become another victim of Forex trading that can not seem to catch a break without worrying about missing something in the market.

This software does a good job of preventing the previous situations from happening by relying on the usage of automation tools like the included Trade Alert Software in the Engine. This tool will do all the hard work for you without requiring your physical presence in front of the computer to watch the market.

The way in which you will use this tool is easy, whenever the Trade Alert Software spots a perfect trade setup for you, an alert or notification will be directly sent to your email or phone to make sure that you do not miss this unique opportunity.


By the words of Bill Poulos and their students, it seems that the software works as expected by providing information about trading methods and tools that promote the automation of complex tasks that require analysis. Bill discovered and perfected the Forex Income Engine methods a long time ago, and that is why his knowledge was passed to his students, which have developed further these methods by achieving outstanding results.

If it is possible to predict the near-term trend of the best markets, then placing trades would not be as risky as nowadays. Thanks to the assistance of this tool it is possible to act with less care and furthermore gain more experience in the process. This is not something that will make you rich out of nowhere, but it will definitely help in your beginning of mastering the concepts of Forex markets and trading strategies.


As it was just said, this tool will not make you a millionaire or an overnight success, in fact, it offers something that can be done by traditional individuals. However, to do so, experience is required, and in this kind of market, gaining experience can only be done with failed operations, and not everyone has the possibility of losing a lot of money to increase the possibilities of success.

That is when this tool comes in handy, by marking and alerting the trader about the best-looking setups, it is possible to risk a little bit more, unlike traditional situations where you might want to take it easy to avoid leaving your account’s balance in the complete misery. Yes, it is recommended for beginners to try software like this one to develop their skills and become a good trader in the future, just make sure that you learn from every single one of your mistakes to avoid repeating the same failures in the future.